All Your Apollo TV Enclosure Questions Answered

Will an enclosure make my TV outdoors safe?

By using an outdoor TV enclosure, you can eliminate the expense involved with repeatedly replacing indoor TVs that should be restricted to indoors, the hassle of dealing with sudden failures, and the risks associated with weather-related fire and safety hazards. Moreover, it provides a safe outdoor entertainment experience right in the comfort of your own…

Do you stock Apollo Enclosures in NZ?

As the exclusive Apollo importer and distributor for New Zealand, we carry stock of Apollo Enclosures, brackets and accessories in our Auckland warehouse to deliver NZ-wide. If you wish to place a large commercial order we can add it to our next delivery. If due to demand we are temporarily sold out of the model…

Do You Have An Apollo Installation Video?

Now that you have decided to invest in your outdoor entertainment with an Apollo Weatherproof Enclosure and TV of your choice, you need to ensure its installed correctly.  This video of installing a TV in an Apollo weatherproof enclosure is created for the US market. The NZ cables and plug box that come in our…

How can I choose the best TV for my outdoor installation?

For consumer backyards or commercial restaurant patios, check the make, specifications and features you want with your budget and select a model that will best fit your needs in your chosen location. To find the brightest TVs available in the market, visit a reliable source of information for the best models here or ask your…

Why can’t I just put an indoor TV outdoors?

The most frequent objection we hear from would-be customers is that an outdoor TV enclosure costs more than the TV it will protect. We often hear that even if an unprotected indoor TV wears down more quickly in an outdoor environment, a new TV is relatively cheap. It is more cost-effective to buy a new TV…

Why Is an Enclosure More Versatile than an Outdoor TV?

To ensure the safety and longevity of your outdoor TV installation, you have two main options: a purpose-built outdoor TV or an indoor TV protected with an outdoor TV enclosure, also known as an outdoor TV cabinet. With an Apollo weatherproof TV enclosure, you can choose the make, model, and features of the best name-brand…

75" Apollo Weatherproof TV Enclosure
Add entertainment to an outdoor fire pit by installing a TV in an Apollo weatherproof enclosure

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