Why Is an Enclosure More Versatile than an Outdoor TV?

To ensure the safety and longevity of your outdoor TV installation, you have two main options: a purpose-built outdoor TV or an indoor TV protected with an outdoor TV enclosure, also known as an outdoor TV cabinet.

With an Apollo weatherproof TV enclosure, you can choose the make, model, and features of the best name-brand TV you want and safely protect it in our enclosure. You can even repurpose a TV that you no longer require indoors.

Outdoor TVs have LCDs built-in but are often not as smart or feature-rich with apps and streaming as the latest Smart TVs. If there is a problem with an outdoor TV, the entire unit must be sent out for repair or replacement, which can be costly and time-consuming.

In contrast, an Apollo enclosure offers a cost savings of anywhere from 15-50% on the purchase of an outdoor TV depending on the TV you purchase. You can spread the cost of the enclosure with special cooling features over many years, as there are no issues with obsolescence. The TV can be replaced or repaired quickly while you continue to benefit from the outdoor enclosure for years to come. You can purchase your choice of enclosure and have it delivered from our warehouse in Auckland.