How To Improve Communication On The Factory Floor

Digi Screens for Digital Workplace Screens
Digital Signage in manufacturing and processing plants is the ultimate communication tool to reach your employees.

Digital signage benefits manufacturing and processing industries as they can display health and safety reminders and management instructions. Real-time KPIs can be easily viewed on the production floor. The screens allow you to communicate on many levels with shift workers, office staff, contractors and visitors.

Digital signage messaging is seven times more effective than posters, memos and the intranet.

The Benefits of Digital Signage in Manufacturing and Processing
50" Apollo weatherproof screen enclosure - pool plant monitor, NZ

You can display clear and up-to-date safety messages and best practices that can be updated in real-time. This can reduce accidents and easily inform shift workers and those who do not have access to a PC.

This outdoor pool plant monitor at The Mount is installed in an Apollo weatherproof enclosure and can be easily checked on by staff.

What companies rely on Apollo enclosures to protect their manufacturing and processing workplaces?
Food & Beverage Manufacturing Clients of Digi Screens
Apollo Enclosures can protect screens installed outdoors or indoors in hostile environments

Our range of Apollo outdoor screen enclosures is the perfect solution for manufacturing and production areas where screens are required to be installed in an environment where they can be subject to dust, impact or theft.

Ideal for construction sites and job sites that are continually on the move. Ensure your messages move with your staff.

Digital signage benefits manufacturing and processing industries as it increases communication effectiveness to staff
Apollo waterproof enclosures are protected in food processing areas requiring wash downs.

Our Apollo Enclosures allow screens to be washed down whenever necessary to maintain hygiene standards for industries such as food processing.

MERV 5 filters trap particles as small as 3 microns including mould spores, animal dander, and the highly allergenic droppings of dust mites. 
Higher rated MERV filters can be included for an additional cost if required.

  • You can mount information screens in manufacturing lines, reception, cafeterias, staff rooms, warehouses, loading bays and factory floors.
  • Manage delivery of content via a media player located behind the screen and connected to the internet. Alternatively you can control the content via a built-in Android operating system in the screen we supply.
  • Alternatively, a 4G media player can be supplied with content management software when the internet is not available.
  • You can also attach a screen to a computer via a HDMI cable and use it as a remote display
  • You have the flexibility to have multiple messages on the screens
  • Different screens can have different messages
  • Imagine being able to show content locally, nationally, or even internationally if you have staff overseas
  • Deliver messaging in a wide range of formats, from tickers to video
  • Industry-specific templates are available for you to customise

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