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Health and safety messaging on digital screens is a cost-effective inclusion in your health and safety budget. Saving time and money spent updating static boards is a bonus. Immediately you will see the results, achieving something that traditional signage often fails to do, that is being read!

Moving messages on the screen actually catch the attention of busy employees and others in your workplace. Our Novisign software with free templates and widgets makes designing your messages easy.

Health and safety messaging is more effective than static notice boards
Attractive informative displays get the cut through you want

Investing in health and safety pays dividends by avoiding stoppages and production delays and aids in compliance with government regulations.

Reducing injuries and damage to property can be achieved by well-placed screens. While promoting best practices and safety protocols you can keep staff informed with the latest hazard information in real-time.

Health and Safety digital screen with safety image for a construction site

You are able to update health and safety content across the network as and when needed. This allows you the flexibility to deliver this site-by-site or site-wide.

To assist in broadcasting, we can supply 4G media players. These will allow you to operate screen content remotely when there is no site access to the internet.


By installing these screens in an Apollo weatherproof enclosure they are protected from these dangers

Remotely access the Digi Screens Novisign content management software, from any device with internet, anywhere in the world.

Synchronising information releases across many branches or countries allows corporate messaging control.

Apollo 65" Outdoor TV Cabinet - Business, internal comms, health and safety, healthcare employee digital notice board screen on site AE6560 WM607NA
Apollo  65" IP56 TV Enclosure and screen - Business, internal comms, health and safety, employee digital notice board screen Models AE6560 WM607NA

By planning ahead you have greater control over corporate messaging.

Scheduling announcements gives you control over what content is displayed based on date, time and location.

Ryman Healthcare NZ and Australia have invested in Apollo Enclosures for their retirement village construction sites. The Apollo 65″ protected TVs are installed under canvas in workers’ and contractors’ lunch areas.

These protected screens keep employees, visitors, and contractors informed, boost morale, and broadcast safety messages to staff, as shown. The screens are also used for TOOLBOX meetings and training.

Ryman Healthcare's "come home safe" TV commercial

These companies and organisations use various combinations of Digi Screens commercial screens, Apollo weatherproof screen enclosures and Novisign software to communicate with staff, workers and visitors

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