Apollo Enclosures Protect Outdoor TVs and Commercial Screens

Digi Screens for Outdoor Screen Enclosures

The Apollo range of outdoor TV enclosures is designed to accommodate all New Zealand weather conditions and protect TVs and commercial screens from the elements outdoors.

Watch Your Favourite Sports Outdoors

An Apollo outdoor TV enclosure for your home protects a TV exposed to the weather from potential electrical hazards, weather, dust and insects, and is easy to install.

You can install a TV outside using a standard TV in an Apollo weatherproof enclosure. This is a very cost-effective way of getting an outdoor TV in any of these sizes 43″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″ or 98″

These are 55″ commercial screens installed in Apollo enclosures. They display the Ski prices above the outdoor ticket office. There are three installed at Whakapapa and three installed at Turoa Ski fields.

An APOLLO WEATHERPROOF SCREEN ENCLOSURE can be added to any OUTDOOR site where rain, snow, water, dust or insect ingress can impact the viability of electronic equipment such as TVs and screens.

Our solutions are about getting the right information to people where they need it rather than where the environment is more suitable.

They are also robust for installations that can have people impact the screen. It can be a bar, restaurant, hotel, security surveillance, hospital, parking station, school corridor or playground.

Three Apollo Enclosures installed at the Ski Fields

This is a Kiwi Rail mobile office fitted with a 65″TV and Apollo enclosure

Apollo Enclosures are the solution for outdoor all-weather installations including snow and we have 4G media players for where there is no internet available such as forestry camps, farm buildings, satellite offices, mobile maintenance offices and monitoring stations.

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Digi Screens Ltd has been exclusively importing and distributing Apollo Enclosures in New Zealand, Australia and the Islands of the South Pacific since 2016.