Apollo Protective Screen Enclosures for Commercial Applications

Apollo Screen Enclosures protect your Business assets and allow you to place remotely updatable screens in challenging locations. Our solutions are about getting the right information to people in the places they need it rather than where the environment is more suitable.

An Apollo screen enclosure can be added to any project where rain, snow, water, dust or insect ingress can impact the viability of electronic equipment such as TVs and screens.

The many advantages of the Apollo ELite Enclosures

Apollo features and benefits

As Apollo screen enclosures are IP56, you can locate a screen outdoors or in indoor hostile environments.

Hostile environments are places where there are elements that are harmful to traditional screens or, there are hygiene regulations that require screens that can be completely sanitised daily. They protect screens from frequent wash downs, cleaning chemicals in the installation area, dust and insects. These can be a manufacturing line, processing plant or a wet/dusty production area. Normally, these factors being present would prevent a screen from being safely installed. 

They are also robust for installations that can have people impact the screen. It can be a bar, restaurant, hotel, hospital, parking station, school corridor or playground.

Apollo is the protective screen enclosure chosen for indoor and outdoor situations in NZ by these companies, industries and organisations

Clients with Apollo Enclosures throughout NZ



Halls Cold Storage has an enclosed screen in a freezer where the temperature drops to -30C. It has a double heater to ensure the screen keeps working in such extreme conditions. Couplands Bakery has a screen enclosed in their chilled dispatch dock that is also protected with an Apollo heater. Many of our residential Otago and Canterbury clients have added a heater due to the winter temperatures and snowfall.

Even when it SNOWS the Apollo enclosure protects the screen inside!
Three Apollo Enclosures installed at the Ski Fields

In June 2017, Ruapehu Alpine Lifts was looking for a solution to display ski lift pricing and equipment rental options. These were screens above the outdoor lift and rental ticket offices at Ruapehu and Turoa Ski Fields. As the requirement was for when it was snowing, keeping the screens warm and dry was imperative!

Digi Screens’ solution was to supply three Apollo all-weather screen enclosures and three 700-nit Philips commercial screens for each ski field. Each Apollo Enclosure also included an Apollo heater which came on when the thermostatically controlled airflow system activated. They continue to operate all these years later.

5 star reviews!

*Note: LG’s OLED LCD TV’s are sensitive to UV rays and are not suitable for installation outdoors – even in an enclosure.

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Digi Screens Ltd has been exclusively importing and distributing Apollo Enclosures in New Zealand, Australia and the Islands of the South Pacific since 2016.