Digi Screens Business Solutions

 Digi Screens Business Solutions utilising digital signage equipment and software are readily available NZ-wide. Digi Screens understands your installation is not about screens and brackets, but about a solution to improve the visibility and performance of your business.

Digital signage implementation has many technical aspects to be considered. However, Digi Screens doesn’t bring technical jargon to the process when working with you.

If you are investigating how digital signage can improve the way your business communicates with your clients, staff and visitors you have come to the right place.

These are the main business groups incorporating DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS with examples of DIGI SCREENS CLIENTS

Digital Signage in Retail Stores is a no brainer

Digital Signage in retail stores is now widely embraced by the world’s leading retailers and small family businesses alike. The cost of digital signage now puts it in reach of all wanting to attract business. They can now maximise the impact of their offers on shoppers and passers-by with compelling visual calls to action. The…

Digital Directory Screens Show the Way!

Digital directory screens show the way! They are a modern way to display tenant information in the foyer of your building. Too often, property and facilities managers struggle to keep traditional building directories attractive and updated. This can result in tenants, couriers, and visitors feeling frustrated with the lack of correct information. Solving this common dilemma…

Health and Safety Messaging on Digital Screens

Health and safety messaging on digital screens is a cost-effective inclusion in your health and safety budget. Saving time and money spent updating static boards is a bonus. Immediately you will see the results, achieving something that traditional signage often fails to do, that is being read! Moving messages on the screen actually catch the…

Education benefits from Digital Signage screens and software

The screens can keep students, teachers, staff and parents informed with real-time updates. Digital screens in education environments can display class timetables, sports notices, special events, health & safety messages and parent-teacher meeting notices. Young people have grown up receiving most of their news and entertainment information via some kind of digital screen -TV, mobile…

Modernise your Menu Display with Digital Menu Screens!

Stand out from the crowd in a food court with Digital Menu Screens. Adding a digital menu screen to your restaurant or takeaway business is a popular, attractive way to display choices. DIGITAL MENU SCREENS – COMMERCIAL BAY, AUCKLAND Free Novisign menu templates are included when you add Novisign software to your screens. They make…

Digital Signage shines in improving Hospitality’s look!

Digital Signage in hospitality is an attractive, dynamic addition to your operational and marketing tools. They provide cost-effective, proactive ways to engage customers, guests, and staff and increase sales. OUR HOSPITALITY CLIENTS Our commercial screens and Apollo Enclosures have proven to be versatile solutions for the hospitality industry, offering both practical and entertainment applications. Our…

Apollo Protective Screen Enclosures for Commercial Installations

APOLLO Protective Screen Enclosures for Commercial Applications are required when commercial screens and TVs are at risk, outdoors and indoors.  Apollo Screen Enclosures protect your Business assets and allow you to place remotely updatable screens in challenging locations. Our solutions are about getting the correct information to people in the places they need it rather…

How To Improve Communication On The Factory Floor

Digital Signage in manufacturing and processing plants is the ultimate communication tool to reach your employees. Digital signage benefits manufacturing and processing industries as they can display health and safety reminders and management instructions. Real-time KPIs can be easily viewed on the production floor. The screens allow you to communicate on many levels with shift…

Apollo Enclosures Protect Outdoor TVs and Commercial Screens

The Apollo range of outdoor TV enclosures is designed to accommodate all New Zealand weather conditions and protect TVs and commercial screens from the elements outdoors. An Apollo outdoor TV enclosure for your home protects a TV exposed to the weather from potential electrical hazards, weather, dust and insects, and is easy to install. You can…

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Digi Screens Ltd has been exclusively importing and distributing Apollo Enclosures in New Zealand, Australia and the Islands of the South Pacific since 2016.