Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Digital Signage in retail stores is now widely embraced by the world’s leading retailers and small family businesses alike.

The cost of digital signage now puts it in reach of all wanting to attract business. They can now maximise the impact of their offers on shoppers and passers-by with compelling visual calls to action.

The Benefits of Digital Messaging in Retail

Beautiful 65" screen on a full motion mount so the screen can face out the window or into the store
  • Display specials, new products and loyalty programmes with ease
  • Create consistent branding and customer experience across all stores
  • Cross-market products and services such as  store loyalty cards promotions in all departments near the pay counter
  • Entertain and inform shoppers in common areas to keep them in store
  • Display suppliers TV commercials and videos to reinforce purchase of products
  • Schedule promotions for different times of the day to target shopper demographics
  • Remove delays between designing, approving, printing and distribution of printed advertising
  • Eliminate printing and shipping costs of static posters and brochures
  • Update promotions based on stock levels to avoid disappointing shoppers
  • Introduce new marketing campaigns and test response so you can tweak before fully launching
  • Promote your website and 24/7  shopping online options
  • Sell advertising to suppliers of goods and services
  • In case of emergency, display information on how to safely exit the building
  • Incorporate digital menu boards throughout the store if you offer cafe and dining facilities
  • Use for in-house training of goods, services, and corporate information
  • Install screens in staff only areas and celebrate staff achievements and sales results
The Trusts West Auckland has 3 commercial screens and Novisign software in many of their outlets to promote the Trust charitable work and liquor specials


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Food For Thought

While choosing to work with multiple suppliers may seem to be the way to secure the best price, doing so may not achieve the best result. Working with just one supplier provides benefits such as single point of contact, coordination of logistics, and post-deployment assistance. You need to be confident that you are fully supported long after the short term benefit of shopping around for cheaper prices is no longer relevant, and you are in the second or third year of your installation.