Commercial LCD Screens

Why use Commercial LCD Screens as your screen solution? Commercial LCD Screens are designed specifically for the business environment. They come equipped with additional design features to ensure smooth running of your digital signage. The warranty on a commercial LCD screen is 3 years.

Transparent LED Posters

NEXNOVO indoor transparent LED posters are designed for maximum transparency, high resolution and brightness.  Looking out, the posters do not affect vision and allow up to 73% of natural light to enter the restaurant, store or office building.  NEXNOVO posters offer an easy and affordable way to turn promotional posters and offers into dynamic sales generators. AttractiveContinue reading “Transparent LED Posters”


The new generation of smart high-tech displays, the innovative NexEsign is an ultra-transparent glass LED display that brings new possibilities to solve your digital signage needs more easily than ever before. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, these IP65 rated waterproof screens are an extremely versatile advertising solution for your business.


The world’s leading retailers are maximising the impact of their outlets on shoppers and passers by using digital signage. From single screens to translucent video walls, there’s a marketing solution for retailers of any size. The Benefits of Digital Messaging in Retail Display specials, new products and loyalty programmes with ease Create consistent branding and customerContinue reading “Retail”


Digital Signage in manufacturing environments such as health and safety messages, show training videos, communicate on many levels with shift workers, office staff, contractors and visitors. Content can be centrally managed and delivered to multiple sites or managed locally using our digital signage content software. Our range of Outdoor TVs and outdoor screen enclosures areContinue reading “Manufacturing”


Adding attractive, informative digital signage to your operational and marketing tools is a cost-effective, pro-active way to engage guests and staff across the hospitality industry. Whether you are a hotel, motel, holiday camp, restaurant or a 5-star hotel chain, adding attractive, informative digital signage to your venue is a cost-effective, pro-active way to engage withContinue reading “Hospitality”


Keep students, teachers, staff and parents informed. Digital boards in education environments can display class timetables, sports notices, special events, health & safety messages and parent-teacher meetings. Young people have grown up receiving most of their news and entertainment information via some kind of digital screen -TV, mobile phones, tablets and computers. Instead of staffContinue reading “Education”

Real Estate

We supply the whole system New Zealand wide. Screens, real estate software, media players, fixtures and fittings, delivery, installation and training Trust the Experts! Digi Screens manages has installed over 150 screens and real estate software as part of their digital signage solution for real estate offices in: Arrowtown, Beachlands, Blockhouse Bay, Dunedin, Ferrymead, Forrest Hill, GreenContinue reading “Real Estate”