Why can’t I just put an indoor TV outdoors?

The most frequent objection we hear from would-be customers is that an outdoor TV enclosure costs more than the TV it will protect. We often hear that even if an unprotected indoor TV wears down more quickly in an outdoor environment, a new TV is relatively cheap. It is more cost-effective to buy a new TV when the old one breaks compared to protecting a TV with a presumed expensive TV enclosure.

The logic seems pretty sound at first. The problem with that argument is that an unprotected TV not only wears down more quickly in an outdoor environment but it will be unsafe, both for the TV and for you and your family. Moreover, given the long lifespan of a high-quality enclosure and the short lifespan of an unprotected indoor TV in an outdoor environment, protecting your TV with an enclosure will prove more cost-effective in the long run. So is it worth it to spend the money on an Enclosure?

Yes, protecting your TV and electronics for installation in the outdoor environment has a very specific value. Safety, convenience, a broader range of consumer choice, and a more cost-effective outdoor TV solution are what you get when you use an outdoor TV Enclosure.