Does Installing An Unprotected TV Outdoors Invalidate The Warranty?

Manufacturers know the dangers of putting an unprotected TV outdoors with sensitive electronics and electrical inputs. They will not be liable for injury or failure of the TV.

Guidelines issued by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission for television safety are unequivocal: “Never expose the set to rain or water. If the TV becomes damp or wet, pull the plug and have it inspected by a service technician before further use. Rain or excessive moisture – even as the result of exposure on a back porch – may cause electrical shorts, which can result in fire or shock hazards.” In other words, don’t ever place an indoor TV outdoors. Period.

As a result of these guidelines, and to protect against liability in the event of a problem, every TV manufacturer, without exception, provides detailed safety instructions within every owner’s manual. Their lawyers have done a thorough job of explaining the risks associated with placing their TV outdoors. Please don’t listen to us; listen to them. Installing an indoor TV in your outdoor living space is not a good idea and can cost you not just in terms of money.