Education benefits from Digital Signage screens and software

Digi Screens for Digital Education Screens

The screens can keep students, teachers, staff and parents informed with real-time updates. Digital screens in education environments can display class timetables, sports notices, special events, health & safety messages and parent-teacher meeting notices.

Young people have grown up receiving most of their news and entertainment information via some kind of digital screen -TV, mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Schedule messages before, during and after school

Education benefits from digital signage as messages can be scheduled to display at commencement, break time or leaving time.

The screens can also promote extra curriculum activities and boost participation by the students in life outside of school hours.

Digital signage benefits education by displaying up to date timetables and instructions

Digital signage in education is spreading quickly as schools and educational institutes capitalise on this engagement by using digital signage to efficiently and effectively communicate with students, teachers, parents and visitors.

Our Novisign software comes with free templates and widgets to make the displays really interesting! NEW! click for some great ideas

Instead of staff having to print notices and update space consuming notice boards, they are able to update the screen(s) remotely – efficiently and effectively.

They can be viewer defined for different areas and classes so the Junior school can receive different notices to the Senior school and the staff room messages are for their eyes only.

School digital screen displays extra curriculum courses
Auckland Grammar School Noticeboard Screen

Education benefits from digital signage by delivering information in real-time. Our Novisign software allows remote updating of content across the campus, from any device that is connected to the internet.

Digital screens are a great way to celebrate individual and school successes and show videos of award nights and sporting events.

Education facilities benefit from digital signage as screens can show health and safety videos and discourage anti-social behaviour.

Protect your screens from weather, knocks and bumps!

Apollo weatherproof, secure enclosures for TVs and commercial screens are a cost effective way to install one or a network of screens throughout the school buildings and grounds. These are made in the USA of lightweight aluminium and come with a choice of weatherproof mounting bracket.

They have safety anti-reflective glass to protect the screen. We can also supply suitable screens to suit your budget and viewing location.

Apollo protective TV Cabinet AE5550 WM607NA
Education Clients of Digi Screens

These are some education facilities that are using our digital signage and protective Apollo Enclosures to communicate with students, staff, and visitors.

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