Outdoor Screens

We have a range of outdoor LED screen options, dependent on your site requirements. Cost effective outdoor LED screens are available in two popular sizes of cabinets or choose a custom LED screen made specifically to the size and pixel pitch you require.

Standard LED Screens

The cost effective standard outdoor LED screens can be either portrait or landscape, with 5,500nit high bright viewable at a distance, they are IP65 waterproof, dust proof and insect proof.


These “off the shelf” screens in weatherproof aluminium cabinets are available in two size options:

2048mm x 1024mm x 150mm – weight approx. 78kgs

1536mm x  768mm x 150mm – weight approx. 47kgs

Auto dimming for night time and cloudy days, these screens come with front access for easy maintenance and brackets on the back to attach to framework if required.

Screens can be fitted with an optional extra poly carbonate sheet fitted inside the cabinet to protect it from vandalism.

Several software packages are available, talk to us to discuss your specific needs.

Custom LED Screens

Our custom outdoor screens are designed for size and brightness based on viewing distance and location. These IP65 all weather screens are weatherproof. The pixel pitch of these screens ranges from P1.95 to P20 for different viewing distances and purposes.

These are examples of four of the custom OUTDOOR LED screens measuring 3 metres x 2.5 metres we installed at Refining NZ Marsden Point. They were installed for Health and Safety messaging to vehicles using the internal roads at the Refinery.

Static signs with LED screens

Make the most of your digital screen and have it inserted to a static sign, this allows for important information to show always and changeable information inside the sign on a screen.


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