Interactive / Way-finding

You can use interactive way-finding digital signage screens to improve the experience of your guests to locate destinations and offices within your facility, campus, mall or depot easily and efficiently.  Depending on your site and requirements there are a number of options to ensure that the right way-finding screen is installed with the right software for your situation.

Interactive Solutions That Work

Our screens and enclosures come in a range of sizes so you can choose the size and screen type that fits your space best and will be able to best communicate your messages.

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Way-finding digital signage can be used to:

– Guide guests to specific locations within your building
– Add touchscreen maps with arrow directions
– Share relevant information such as meeting room details
– Welcome visitors with custom messages and videos
– Display news, slideshows and custom text tickers
– Direct incoming traffic in a depot to the correct location
– Display a “You are Here” facility map


More than just directions…

– Add interactive touchscreen media galleries that contain videos and information
– List real-time scrolling events, schedule and meeting times
– Feature a digital menu board, and display items, specials and food images
– Display interactive promotions, advertisements and brochures
– Integrate websites, survey forms and Google maps
– Incorporate weekly or daily weather forecasts
– Share live local news and sports RSS feeds
– Add social media streams

Popular Digital Signage choices for way-finding are free standing kiosks, commercial screens, and outdoor LED screens. If your screen is in an area that requires extra protection from water, dust or insects, we have a range of IP65 rated outdoor TVs and screen enclosures.

Gain Valuable Customer Behaviour Insights

Find out what your customers are looking for, and when via our software usage statistics

Drill down on an interactive way-finding screen to get more information on a destination


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Food For Thought

While choosing to work with multiple suppliers may seem to be the way to secure the best price, doing so may not achieve the best result. Working with just one supplier provides benefits such as single point of contact, coordination of logistics, and post-deployment assistance. You need to be confident that you are fully supported long after the short term benefit of shopping around for cheaper prices is no longer relevant, and you are in the second or third year of your installation.