Hostile Environments

What are Hostile Environments?

Hostile environments are places where there are elements which are harmful to traditional screens or hygiene regulations require screens that can be completely sanitised. Our solutions are about getting the right information to people in the places they need it rather than where the environment is more suitable.

Apollo enclosure in a hostile environment
One of our Apollo 75″ enclosures with a 70″ commercial screen installed in Hayes International’s warehouse as a digital notice board for staff.

Commercial, industrial and manufacturing installations include factories, delivery docks, quarry’s, abattoirs, restaurants, clubs, schools, building sites, food production areas and outdoor adventure sites. We also have installations in homes and care facilities where screens need additional protection.

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These are some of the industries that are using Apollo Enclosures
Solutions for Hostile Environments

At Digi Screens, we have a lot of experience dealing with difficult environments and working together to come up with solutions that best fit with our clients needs.

TV Screen enclosures that are IP65 rated, allow you to locate a commercial screen or TV in a hostile environment. We are able to

The Apollo Enclosure can also be used indoors to protect screens from challenging environments, elements or behaviour.

These Apollo Enclosures are installed above the box office at Ruapehu Alpine Lifts.

LLumar protective window film; a clear safety film applied to the Apollo Enclosure glass before delivery. The film provides a slim protective barrier against damage to the glass. When manufacturing malfunctions, high impact projectiles and severe weather, can cause damage to the enclosure, the film holds the glass together and helps to reduce contamination, damage or injury from broken glass.

If vandals strike with Graffiti, the transparent film is peeled away – along with the graffiti!

Content Management Software

To make getting messages to people in hostile environments, we can either install on the screen directly or supply media players and software for programming messages, videos, menus, news tickers, clock, weather and most media files. These can be networked to multiple locations and updated from anywhere with access via a webpage.


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Food For Thought

While choosing to work with multiple suppliers may seem to be the way to secure the best price, doing so may not achieve the best result. Working with just one supplier provides benefits such as single point of contact, coordination of logistics, and post-deployment assistance. You need to be confident that you are fully supported long after the short term benefit of shopping around for cheaper prices is no longer relevant, and you are in the second or third year of your installation.