Digital Signage Content Software

It’s as EASY as … Point, Click, Drag and Drop

Digi Screens supports the latest digital signage content software – Novisign – to make operating and updating your digital screen in the Cloud, easy and inexpensive.

We supply digital signage screens with built in Android operating systems or Android media players with the Novisign software pre-installed. To utilize this software there is a monthly software fee of $1 per day* or less depending on the licenses.

If you have ever made a PowerPoint presentation, then you are already a pro at creating and managing content with Digi Screens digital signage content software. You simply select the widget of your choice and drop it in the area that you want it to display. You can then resize, adjust settings, add media or text and with the click of a button your digital signage content software will come alive on the screen.

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Software reporting, management and screen status

User Accountability

View the user and what media exactly they uploaded to what screen/device

Player & Screen Status

Connectivity of all players, time of recent update, device name, operating system and player version

Screen Availability

Snapshot of every player that you have installed, estimated total playlist time and what the current playlist time is

Proof of Play Reports

Gather play reports by month, week, day or any other set range of dates


You can see the general status of your screens and devices, online connectivity, recent playlist and time of content update and more

Media Statistics

You can run systematic reports that include details such as media name, media time, number of exposures, exposure time and more


Watch any playlist that you created, to make sure it plays in the correct sequence

Name & Description

Give you playlist a name and description, so you’ll know what content is going to be played

Essential Widgets: you could not make anything without these

Scrolling ticker

Add custom moving announcements, sales, news and more


Customise with font style, size, colour, bold, underline, italic and more

Weather & Clock

Choose your location for live weather and forecasts


Create the perfect shape, arrow, or line with optional colour and border

Live Widgets: real-time and live, widgets stream from the web

RSS Feed

NZ Herald, local news, health facts, weather, alerts and more

Web page & Web Image

Add Google presentation, spreadsheet, your website, or any other URL to the screen. Add any image from the web via its URL to your content


Create mixed media presentations: images, videos, slides, text and more


Add any video, your organisation’s channel, or a specific playlist

Content scheduling your digital signage content software

Advanced Schedules

Preset your playlists to automatically display on the screen, on specific dates, times and specific recurring days

Set Play Duration

You can set each creative to play for a specific amount of time, then after playing it will transit to the next creative

Day Parting

Schedule your breakfast, lunch, dinner and other menu specials to auto-updates

Playlist Order

Drag-and-drop your playlist to display on the screen in the exact sequence that you want them to play

Media Widgets: high definition and engaging, they will bring your digital signage content software to life


Easily edit, adjust and resize any image, logo or background


Attract, engage, and inform with clips, commercials, or any other video


Pull media directly from any FTP and add it to your playlist

Social Media Feeds

Add your social media feed to your playlist

Special Purpose Widgets: engaging and interactive


Identify objects using barcodes or tags to project information onto screens


Real-time timer clock for sales, events, holidays and more


This is where line management meets digital signage


No extra software cost, create a full touch screen. Note: this requires a screen that has touch sensitive areas

There are many attractive digital signage content software templates included free. You can choose to use a template as is or as a starting point if you wish to tailor the look and colours to your business.

Total Cloud Security

The editor, which we call the “Online Studio” is a rich client application that runs within a web browser. Using the online editor users can create, edit and manage their digital signage content. This is an internal NoviSign IP. The connectivity within NoviSign components (database, servers, statistics and monitoring components) is secured within the cloud. There is no implication on the user players/screens due to the connectivity within it.

HTTPS (SLL) for NoviSign Online Studio (available to be implemented on partners’ subdomains, with an implementation cost), Monitoring & Reports tool and the Management Console. All these modules can also work in regular HTTP mode as well.

  • HTTP/S protocol to connect to NoviSign SaaS cloud
  • The Online Studio is secured by SSL, user, and an encrypted password
  • All user passwords in the database are also encrypted
  • All media is kept on the NoviSign Storage cloud and secured on Amazon S3 Cloud Servers
Digital signage content software is available for a monthly software payment fee, NO contract
Remotely limit access to comply with NZ Covid-19 Regulations at no additional cost

A simple but effective mobile phone controlled screen display to control entry to a shop, mall, surgery, office, restaurant, bar, or in fact anywhere that less is best.

Our Novisign digital signage content software provides a Stop/Go display which is controlled by a staff member or security guard using their mobile phone to change the display from RED to GREEN when persons may enter the area and return it to RED when the premises have the maximum number of permitted people.

Digital signage content software

The Covid 19 group limitations have led Novisign and Digi Screens to develop this useful Gate Controller app which can be combined with other advertising material on the same screen.

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Food For Thought

While choosing to work with multiple suppliers may seem to be the way to secure the best price, doing so may not achieve the best result. Working with just one supplier provides benefits such as single point of contact, coordination of logistics, and post-deployment assistance. You need to be confident that you are fully supported long after the short term benefit of shopping around for cheaper prices is no longer relevant, and you are in the second or third year of your installation.