Digi Screens Software Training

How to use the Digi Screens Software Digi Screens Software Training Videos: Log in to Digi Screens Software To log in you will need to visit the website:  signin.digiscreens.co.nz/studio Use the personal log in details that you have been issued by Digi Screens. Creatives Playlists Screens Please contact Leonie if you require further assistance withContinue reading “Digi Screens Software Training”

Outdoor Kiosks

Getting information to the right people in the right place is easy with outdoor kiosks.  These high bright LCD screens are fitted into freestanding outdoor kiosks. They are able to withstand the elements and allow you to communicate onsite offerings and information to your audience, 24/7. Outdoor Kiosks Quality Anti-reflective safety glass reduces glare and increasesContinue reading “Outdoor Kiosks”