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Welcome to the direct purchase page for Apollo TV Enclosures and Kontech 4K UHD Outdoor Smart TVs for your Business.

Apollo TV Enclosures

Apollo enclosures allow you to locate a TV or commercial screen outdoors or in an environment that would normally prevent a screen being safely installed.  Easy to install, affordable and light, our enclosures can be added to your project – be it a bar, restaurant, smoko area, manufacturing line or wet /dusty production area.

Installation at Ryman Healthcare construction site – lunch room


  • Outdoor areas of hotels, bars, restaurants and other hospitality areas wanting to televise sporting events and music videos
  • Sporting venues for schedules, menus and results
  • To protect digital displays in high dust/dirt environments, manufacturing plants, food processing and medical installations
  • School grounds for real time messages and updates
  • Outdoor digital advertising screens
  • Screens required for real time messaging such as bus and ferry schedules

Some of our Apollo Commercial Clients

A professional’s experience:
Russell Williams, Technical Services Manager / Systems Engineer,  Shipleys Audiovisual Ltd – Christchurch

We found the Apollo enclosure quite professional and well finished in comparison to other brands we have used in the past.  I actually said to our GM on one installation:
“The enclosure looks so good and fits the TV so well you have to look twice to see it is actually in an enclosure”.

Kontech 4K Outdoor TVs

With a 1500nit high brightness rating, these TVs are viewable in full sun light and they are also rated IP55 for protection again rain, dust and insects.They come with a weatherproof remote control and wall bracket included in the price.


Our clients have used these TVs in the outdoor areas of restaurants, as a screen to transmit footage from a live camera in a damp environment and as an outward facing high bright screen inside their window.


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