It’s as EASY as … Point, Click, Drag and Drop

If you have ever made a PowerPoint presentation, then you are already a pro at creating content with Digiscreens (CMS) content management software. You simply select the widget of your choice and drop it in the area that you want it to play. You can then resize, adjust settings, add media or text and with the click of a button your content will be live on the screen.

Live Widgets: real-time and live, these widgets stream from the web

Media Widgets: high definition and engaging, these will bring your content to life

Essential Widgets: you could not make anything without these

Fun Widgets: engaging and interactive

Social Widgets: very popular, these widgets are easy to implement 

Software reporting, management and screen status

Content scheduling

All this is available for a monthly software payment fee, NO contract

Remotely limit access to comply with NZ Covid-19 Regulations

A simple but effective mobile phone controlled screen display to control entry to a shop, mall, surgery, office, restaurant, bar, or in fact anywhere that less is best.

Our Novisign digital signage software provides a Stop/Go display which is controlled by a staff member or security guard using their mobile phone to change the display from RED to GREEN when persons may enter the area and return it to RED when the premises have the maximum number of permitted people.

The Covid 19 group limitations have led Novisign and Digi Screens to develop this useful Gate Controller app which can be combined with other advertising material on the same screen.

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Food For Thought

While choosing to work with multiple suppliers may seem to be the way to secure the best price, doing so may not achieve the best value. Working with just one supplier provides benefits such as, Single point of contact, Coordination of logistics and Post-deployment assistance. You need to be confident that you are fully supported long after the short term benefit of shopping around for cheaper prices is no longer relevant and you are in the second or third year of your installation.