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Kontech outdoor TV seriesĀ 

Apollo commercial installations

Apollo residential installations


Kontech OUTDOOR TVs for HOME and COMMERCIAL installations

Outdoor TV info sheet for Home Installations

Outdoor TV info sheet for Commercial and Manufacturing Installations


Apollo All Weather SCREEN ENCLOSURES for your choice of screen

AE4239 – To fit TVs 39″ to 43″

AE5046 – To fit TVs 46″ – 50″

AE5550 – To fit TVs 50″ – 55″

AE6560 – To fit TVs 60″ – 65″

AE7570 – To fit TVs 70″ – 75″

AE8680 – To fit TVs 80″ – 86″

Maximum screen sizes to fit enclosures

Commercial APOLLO enclosure brochure

Residential APOLLO enclosure brochure

APOLLO Accessories brochure with covers, heaters and modesty frames for smaller screens

AE-SK100-WM security kit

Anti-reflective glass brochure

A comparison of Apollo Enclosures to Seal TV Enclosures

Why not put my regular TV outdoors?

Mount Specifications

AE-AWM207 AE4239 Articulating Mount Spec Sheet

AE-AWM207 Installation Instructions

AE-AWM407 Articulating Mount Spec Sheets

AE-AWM407 Installation Instructions

AE-CM307 Ceiling Mount Spec Sheets

CM307 Installation Instructions

WM600T Tilting Mount Spec Sheet


Kontech Warranty

Apollo Warranty

Digi Screens Software

Digi Screens Software single info page

Digi Screens Software brochure


To discuss please contact:

Leonie Ramsay
Managing Director
Digi Screens
+64 9 827 2323
+64 21 472 537



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