Outdoor All Weather TV Cabinets

Outdoor All Weather TV Cabinets

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Weather proof Apollo TV enclosures provide protection for screens from the elements, it allows your TV or commercial screen to be located outdoors.  Easy to install, affordable and lightweight our enclosures can be added to your project in either a residential or commercial setting.


How will you use your outdoor space to enhance your lifestyle?


Get your Pool TV enclosure at digiscreens.co.nz

An enclosed TV is the perfect addition to your outdoor patio, spa or pool area


With an anti-reflective, safety glass screen for daytime viewing, you can enjoy your favourite sports, movies and shows on the patio instead of being restricted to the indoors.


Available for TVs and commercial screens from 39″ to 75″

You can supply the TV of your choice – our enclosures are slim and perfect for the latest range of TVs at great prices.

Please check withs us regarding the maximum depth of screen that will fit in the enclosure.


Outdoor TV with Apollo enclosure

apollo baseball


We also supply TVs and flat, tilt and cantilever weatherproof mounts to maximise the viewing area

three housings


Keep your enclosure from getting dusty and protects the enclosure finish from harmful UV rays when not in use






If you want to safely, securely and affordably install a display to work in outdoor conditions, or in an environment where it can be subject to dust, impact or theft, it needs to be housed in an enclosure that has been designed with those conditions in mind.

No hinges to detract from the screens appearance and will fit the latest 700 nit screens and TVs and the LG 55″2500 nit screen

We supply media players and software for programming messages, videos, menus, news tickers, clock, weather and most media files. These can be networked to multiple locations

Three 55″ Apollo enclosures fitted wth heaters, security brackets and  three 700 nit high bright screens – displaying ski field pricing at Whakapapa Ski Field New Zealand. Another three have been installed at Turoa Ski field.

Enclosed screens in restaurant


Outdoor areas of hotels, bars, restaurants and other hospitality areas wanting to televise sporting events and music videos

Sporting venues for schedules, menus and results

School grounds for real time messages and updates

Outdoor digital advertising screens

Screens required for real time messaging such as bus and ferry schedules

To protect digital displays in high dust/dirt environments, manufacturing plants, food processing and medical installations

 apollo golf 2

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